My name is Bryan Weynand, and I am a 24-year old currently relocated, proud North Carolinian living in Washington, D.C. Born to two Carolina parents, I have lived and died with the Heels through my entire life, most recently as a student and 2010 graduate of UNC. Through this blog I have decided to pursue something I have always known I would enjoy: writing about my experience of Carolina basketball.

Qualifications: I was born during a Carolina NCAA tournament game in 1988; I wore a Carolina t-shirt every day for a year after winning the 2005 national championship; after exiting the Dean Dome and breaking from the crowd at the top of the hill, I ran through campus to Franklin Street to rush after the 2009 national championship, including a sprint from the Old Well.

Few things make me happier than a good Carolina victory.

This blog’s inaugural post

Note: WordPress already had a blog with the site name bleedingblue, so it is true that I was forced to attach a number to the end of mine. However, landing on https://bleedingblue14.wordpress.com was not a random occurrence, as perceptive readers will notice. 14 was the number worn by my favorite Carolina player of my college years, and perhaps of all-time, the unforgettable and legendary among role players, Danny Green. His number will never hang in the rafters of the Smith Center, but it is personally mounted in honor on my wall (thanks to Shannon) for his hustle, energy, and propensity to do the “little things” (and some big things) at clutch moments.

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