To make the Boston College game more interesting… (and the inclusion of the blog’s first picture)

I may be alone in this, but I’ve had the Boston College game mentally circled on the Carolina basketball calendar for a few months. And for the record, I marked it when I merely thought they would be bad this year, before I knew what we all know now – that Boston College is worse than bad, they are historically terrible. They are perhaps the worst team in the history of the Atlantic Coast Conference (BC’s RPI ranking of 263 should be impossibly low for a major conference team; it places them right behind Presbyterian and NC A&T, in a tie with one of UNC’s worst opponents of the season, Nicholls St., and quite a bit behind another UNC opponent, Mississippi Valley St). They are firmly in the territory of low major conference teams, representing an absolute embarrassment for the ACC.

And thus the reason for having them circled on the calendar: I’ve wanted to embarrass Boston College ever since their Athletic Director, Gene DeFilippo, admitted to blocking UConn’s admission to the ACC on the grounds that he wanted BC to be the only New England team in the conference (and because he is in a lasting feud with UConn). For a more detailed explanation of DeFelippo’s arrogance and ignorance,  see my post on why expansion of the ACC to include Syracuse, Pitt, and hopefully UConn is a positive step.

It will suffice here to say that the most important point I made has been confirmed over the opening two months of the college basketball season: at the moment, Boston College is an utterly worthless member of the ACC, and DeFilippo needs to understand that ACC fans would gladly trade his program for UConn, the Holy Grail of ACC expansion. He shouldn’t have that much clout to block something so great for the conference.

Sadly, I will not be in attendance to, and even more sadly, I lack the ability to launch a conference-wide movement to send BC a message at every road stop along their 0-16 journey through the ACC season. But to make Saturday’s blowout more interesting, I will be directing some intense dislike toward this guy, Gene DeFilippo, and sensing sincere satisfaction at the notion that he is somewhere grimacing at his pathetic basketball team. His team, by the way, that is only this bad because he made the decision to fire successful coach Al Skinner two years ago, a year after firing his successful head football coach Jeff Jagodzinski for seeking the head coaching job with the New York Jets. Both decisions made the respective teams much, much worse.

He evidently thinks his program is of the caliber that regular NCAA tourney appearances can lead to a firing, and that a football coach should be content as an Eagle rather than seek a major promotion to a top NFL job. He is wrong. He directs a program that most ACC fans wish was not a member of the league, and he is one of the most impulsive, indefensible ADs in the trade. Let’s hope Roy keeps his foot on the pedal long enough to make him wish he didn’t have to play us every year.

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