#ACCCostumes: Halloween on Twitter

I’m new to Twitter this Halloween, so I have no idea if the #ACCCostumes hash-tag was around last year or not, but its advent reveals yet another enriching, though still ultimately insignificant, benefit of the social media site (for those still skeptical of its merits). Multiple times in my childhood my Halloween costume involved dressing as a Carolina athlete (occasionally with some sort of scary mask to complement), and not being very clever myself, tonight’s ongoing parade of suggestions would have greatly enhanced my ideas. Some of the best provided below, since I have a hunch that several of my most frequent readers here are family members who have not yet succumbed to the temptations of Twitter.

@DocHeelfire Kid dressed as Larry Drew will leave neighborhood early. Other kids in his group will get 10X more candy after he leaves #ACCcostumes

It is not unreasonable to think that somewhere tonight Larry Drew himself read this Tweet, and I for one hope sincerely that he did.

@Barnesbot Kid dressed as Greg Little is on his 5th costume of the night. N&O is requesting info on who owns the first 4. #ACCcostumes

@tarheelfanblog I would go out as Duke basketball but I don’t want to be emotionally fatigued 2/3 of the way down the street. #ACCCostumes

@thedevilwolf Reminder kids, don’t eat uncovered candy. So don’t accept any from the UNC secondary. #ACCCostumes

This represents the lone valuable contribution from this Duke guy; it is both funny and obviously true. Glaring problem is that Duke barely plays football, and it’s extremely disingenuous to suggest that he cares about the success of their program relative to ours.

His other contributions were worse:

@thedevilwolf UNC won’t give out candy, but they’ll assure you it’s been eaten by a third party legal team and it was delicious. #ACCCostumes

This doesn’t make sense. And again, burn us on basketball. His only attempt of the night:

@thedevilwolf If your kid is dressed as a UNC basketball player, I’m handing them a UCLA jersey to wear next year.

Because we’re really hurting from those losses… among other tweets from this guy were one expressing clear envy of a new, first of its kind ESPN blog focused solely on UNC basketball, and another congratulating a person dressed as Barnes for winning a costume contest. Nobody came as Hansbrough?

And the best of the rest:

@DerekMedlin Going dressed as NC State’s offense…I won’t get much candy early on, but I’ll clean up once all the other kids stop trying. #ACCCostumes

@ACCSports I’m painting myself with aluminum colored paint and going as Byrd Stadium on game day. #ACCCostumes

Several of these would have been useful as a kid…

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